The new touch of high horsepower & precision farming.

The new MF 8700 S Series is aimed at customers looking for a new touch of high horsepower and a precision farming tractor with inspired design and optimized efficiency.

The new MF 8700 S with its powerful new styling is designed to captivate you from the start. The NEW MF light bar and iconic MF triple triangle logo is at the heart of the ‘S’ effect distinctive styling, the full embodiment of MF’s power, design and engineering quality.

Key Features:

Horsepower: 300-370

AGCO Power Engine: 6 CYL 8.4L

Front Lift Capacity: 5,000 kg

Rear Lift Capacity: 12,000 kg

Max Torque: 1,300-1,540

Transmission: DYNA-VT




Working closely with AGCO POWER, Massey Ferguson engineers have worked hard to refine the efficiency of common rail diesel engine technology to meet the specific needs of these tractors. By calculating precisely the amount of fuel required by the engine at any given moment, the system ensures optimum combustion in the cylinders. Giving you a cleaner, more powerful and reliable engine.

Highly efficient, requiring less diesel and minimising exhaust emissions, the new 6 cylinder Tier 2 common rail engine is now the first choice for more and more farmers around the world.

In addition, the minimal size and economic layout of the power train significantly enhance the machine’s dexterity and maneuvrability.

The 6 cylinder Tier 2 AGCO power engine is fitted to the MF 8700 series. These engines are industry renowned for their durability, power and torque characteristics and low fuel consumption



Once you have selected the mode in which you wish to drive the tractor – via the foot pedal, with the armrest lever or even with the Power Control lever – you can then focus on the work. Forward and reverse speeds and rate of acceleration can be pre-set and are maintained automatically, and stored in the tractor memory after shut-down for later use, making any operation requiring regular shuttling far less tiring.


Operator Environment:

The MF 8700 S range is available in two specification levels: Essential and Efficient, for a choice of premium or super-premium environments and specifications. Both are designed around a spacious frame and logical, carefully thought-out controls. Everything is to hand, with key controls all on the operator’s right, and those used most often grouped on the armrest. Compromise isn’t necessary – our aim is simply to help you make a personal choice to match your business requirements and objectives.

The four-pillar cab frame design makes for superb 360° all-round vision to the sides and out to the extremities of wide implements, while the cab suspension ensures the operator is always on the level. The level of damping can be set in from the cab, to meet the driver’s preference. Paired with a premium-class air-suspended operator’s seat, the result is one of the most comfortable rides around.


You’ll always find the usual necessities within our cabs but we always strive to push operator comfort and control to the next level. That’s why the Efficient package comes with dramatic new features that will help to improve further your working day.

The Efficient MF 8700 S Package is dedicated to the more intense, large scale operator looking for more advanced features that will ensure cost effective benefits for their business.



With a minimum weight of just 10.8t, the MF 8700 S Series tractors are up to 4t lighter than others in this class. This allows them to tread lightly for top work and transport, while the strong design also enables them carry heavy loads or be ballasted up for draft operations.

A wide range of ballast and tyre choices, included a large rear wheel diameter of 2.15m, ensures that MF 8700 S tractors can be tailored precisely to the tasks that are expected of them, for maximum traction with the minimum of soil damage, whilst using the minimum of fuel. That is part of our commitment to help protect the soil and preserve the land for future generations.

Ballasts: Sometimes you need extra weight to deal with intensive traction work. The MF 8700 S is available from factory or via AGCO Parts with additional front, rear and tyre weights to exactly match your needs. This offer includes a new design of 1500 kg and 2300 kg compatible with weight extension, wheel weight installation from 250 to 750 kg on each side and integrated belly weight from factory.

Tyre Option: Massey Ferguson offers a wide range of tire options to match any transport or field applications. The latest tyre equipment allows MF 8700 S models to work at very low tyre pressures, even for high traction jobs, including dual wheels with rear tyre choice up to 900 mm and 2.15 m diameter for better power transfer to the ground.

Test results with an MF 8730 S fitted with Michelin AXIOBIB2 High Traction tire versus Michelin AXIOBIB first generation with a Gregoire Besson plough.



Compact, manoeuvrable, with industry-leading power-to-weight ratio MF 8700 S tractors handle easily and comfortably in the field and on the road, at minimum speeds and full speed. Its unique lightweight and high horse power design provide the MF 8700 S with the highest payload in this tractor segment in the market. Excellent manoeuvrability and stability when making headland turns or working in hilly fields, plus the ability to tread lightly yet pull strongly, is all part of our commitment to help protect the soil and preserve the land.

Four wheel drive: The transmission controller also relieves the driver of many repetitive tasks of four-wheel drive and differential lock operation. It engages the differential lock when it’s required, when the implement is lowered into work, and disengages it when it’s not.

Speedsteer: SpeedSteer allows the operator to adjust the steering ratio and select the number of steering wheel turns required for a given amount of steering angle. The system, which can be switched on and off, automatically disengages above 18km/h for safe operation at high speed, whether in the field or on the road (optional on Efficient version and standard on Exclusive).

QuadLink front axle: Standard on all MF 8700 S tractors, QuadLink front suspension provides a smooth ride, improved traction, excellent ground clearance and tight turning angles, even on tractors with large tyres.



With a rear linkage lift capacity of 12,000 kg, there are few tractors in this power bracket that can match the MF 8700 S series for the ability to hoist heavy implements. The rear linkage design and the tractor’s structural build are designed to handle such demands, with twin external lift rams and twin variable-float telescopic stabilisers. Quick couplers with decompressing system are standard, as external linkage and valve controls. A total of 6 spool valves is available.

At the front, buyers can specify a fully-integrated 5,000 kg front linkage designed to match the Massey Ferguson front suspension, with two doubleacting spool valves and a free return line.

The rear hitch with a choice of pintle pin, pick-up hitch, clevis, K80 ball or drawbar has been completely redesigned to make coupling quicker, easier and safer. The ISO hitch design is compatible with a wide range of clevis and drawbar alternatives according to markets.


Power Take Off:

MF 8700 S tractors can be specified with a fully-independent 540 Eco/1000 rpm PTO, or 1000/1000 Eco speeds. External engagement and emergency stop buttons provide convenience and safety. External engagement can be automated with engine speed for fast control of implement such as slurry tank filling.

In ‘Auto’ mode, the PTO is automatically disengaged when travelling at speeds above 25 km/h, while it is also disconnected when the linkage is raised and re-engaged when it is lowered. The transmission controller monitors and controls PTO engagement according to load for a smoother take-up, leading to improved driver comfort whilst protecting both tractor and implement from damage due to inappropriate engagement. Nominal PTO speeds are achieved at, or near to, 1,950 rpm, which is also maximum engine power. With the benefit of a constant power band of up to 600 rpm and the ability, with Dyna-VT ability, to precisely select any ground speed at the chosen engine speed, you can always achieve a perfect match of PTO speed, forward speed and power, for optimum economy.


MF Technology:

The on- and off-board technology solutions incorporated into the MF 8700 S Series are a clear indication of the pace of progress and innovation setting by Massey Ferguson. Information is power when it comes to get the job done more efficiently and more productively. This is the reason why, Massey Ferguson delivers straightforward and dependable technology solutions resulting in unbeatable ease of use, improved productivity and profitability through higher yields, lower inputs costs and greater profits.



Right from the first drawing, the MF 8700 S has been designed to provide fast, straightforward, easy and costeffective routine maintenance.

Servicing is straightforward and simple, taking the stress out of maintaining your tractor and leaving you with more time in the field/at work. With the self adjusting engine valve clearance, maintenance costs are substantially reduced.

With a Massey Ferguson MF 8700 S series tractor, time spent in the yard preparing for the day ahead is kept to a minimum. We have combined practicality with style to ensure daily maintenance is speedy, straightforward and simple, taking the stress out of maintaining your tractor, getting you to the field earlier for greater productivity.






Max Power (hp)*


MF 8730 S

AGCO Power Non-SCR




MF 8732 S

AGCO Power Non-SCR




MF 8735 S

AGCO Power Non-SCR




MF 8737 S

AGCO Power Non-SCR




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