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The mf 5700 s offers excellent manoeuvrability and versatility for work in the yard, in the
Field or on the road – a superb all-rounder!

Key features:

Horsepower: 100-130

Transmission: dyna-4 / 6

Agco power engine: 4.4 litre

Rear lift capacity: 5,200 kg

Max torque: 420 -545

Fuel tank capacity: 180 litres



Agco power, high efficiency scr “all in one”, four cylinder 4.4 litre tier 4 final engines offer more
Power and torque and lower fuel and adblue® consumption. Electronic wastegate on the turbocharger for improved performance and emission control. Super eco transmission for roadwork and Eco PTO.

Automatic low idle engine speed reduces fuel consumption.

4 cylinder engines benefits are:

  • AGCO Power four cylinder, 4.4 litre engines generate maximum powers from 95hp to 130hp
  • Maintenance free, 3rd Generation Selective Catalytic Reduction High Efficiency SCR Technology
  • Optimised high pressure common rail fuel injection limits the emissions of Particulate Matter(PM) and means there is no need to fit a Diesel Particulate Filter to meet the latest T4 final legislation requirements
  • Automatic low idle system cuts engine revs to save fuel when idling
  • Power available at any time as no need for DPF regeneration

All in one: all after-treatment components are located on the right side below the cab so there is no impact on visibility or cab access. Ground clearance is maintained and fuel tank capacity and service access are not compromised.


All mf 5700 s models can be specified with either dyna-4 or dyna-6.

  • All Dyna transmissions benefit from:
  • Exclusive and straightforward left-hand Power Control lever
  • Pedal-free operation, which reduces operator fatigue and makes life easier on the operator
  • Plenty of gears in the important 4-12km/h working range, with good overlaps
  • Autodrive as standard, taking automatic care of up- and downshifting to maximise versatility and output. Response point is adjustable according to desired engine rpm parameters
  • Brake to neutral feature disconnects drive when the brake pedal is pressed
  • Shuttle responsiveness can be adjusted according to speed of change required
  • Progressive adjustment for Dynashift ratios
  • Up to 2 cruise control speeds (depending on version)
  • Exactly 1/1 forward / reverse speed for convenient shuttling
  • Possibility to set up different forward and reverse starting speeds

Operator environment:

A workplace that you won’t want to leave

Ergonomics – Everything you need in one place. The MF 5700 S offers easy access to the cab via large doors and wide, well-spaced steps. All operating information is where you need it from the comprehensive dashboard and ease of use is guaranteed with switches in all the right places and all controls easily to hand.

Efficiency at work – Boosting productivity, saving time and making the difference with 360° cab visibility, easy access to the cab, plus cab suspension and seat options.

Essential or Efficient – Your choice! two variations of ways to work. There is no compromise, simply a personal choice to be made to fit your business requirements and objectives. We offer you the freedom to choose your level of comfort and equipment’s to match your exact needs – Freedom amongst all details – Personalise your own MF 5700 S tractor with your transmission choice, cab version and equipment.

Essential: essential is the base specification for the mf 5700 s series, but it is anything but basic.
It provides all the key elements you would expect from massey ferguson, with a blend of
Simplicity, ease of use and versatility to fit needs that require power and performance without
Excess sophistication.

Available for all mf 5700 s series tractors and intuitively placed to ensure ultimate productivity
At all times, the essential cab console holds all the frequently-used controls. Each instrument is
Clearly defined and laid out, providing quick and easy access to them. The pillar houses the less-
Used switches and also working lights and ignition key.

A unique massey ferguson mechanical joystick, for tractors equipped with open centre
Hydraulics, not only controls the loader functions, but also changes direction as well as including
Buttons to increase or decrease transmission ratios, declutch and forward/reverse shuttle.

Efficient: dedicated to delivering increased productivity thanks to key features, the efficient
Package will enable the operator to work faster, to a higher standard and with more accuracy.
The efficient specification is available in all mf 5700 s series tractors. It comes with either a
Dyna-4 or dyna-6 transmission, and autodrive as standard.

Loader-ready tractors can be specified with an electronic multi-function joystick option, which is
Integrated into the armrest console. As well as operating the loader and transmission functions,
This can also be used to control the optional front linkage.

An option on efficient tractors, the datatronic 4 has a perfectly-positioned 7ʺ colour monitor
Mounted to the operator’s right. The datatronic 4 displays important tractor information,
Records and shows memory functions and tasks, and oversees automation of headland
Management, trailer steering axle management and dual control. The display can be connected
To a camera for improved visibility of rear mounted implements and trailers.

Tractor/loader combination:

A host of dedicated design features make the mf 5700 s series the best-in-class loader tractors – bar none. Equipped with the exclusively designed mf fl series loader range, the mf 5700 s series offers the ultimate in loader application sophistication.

  • MF 5700 S Series ultimate loader features:
  • Excellent visibility over slim dashboard and narrow steepnose bonnet
  • Highly manoeuvrable, agile design
  • Two cab positions and a choice of Standard, Visio or Slimline roofs
  • A choice of three hydraulic systems provide exceptional pressure, flow and response
  • Left-hand Power Control lever or right-hand T-handle change direction, shift speeds and selects neutral
  • A choice of joysticks operate the loader, as well as change direction and change speeds
  • ‘Clutch-Effect’ – braking systems puts the transmission into neutral when the brake pedals are depressed, allowing single-foot brake and clutch operation and making loader operation safer, easier and a lot more comfortable.
  • ‘Comfort-Control’ - Adjustable shuttle sensitivity – from slow and smooth to fast and dynamic
  • Tractors ordered ‘Loader ready’ require just the fitting of the loader beams and implement


Compact and manoeuvrable, MF 5700 S tractors handle easily and comfortably in the field, on the road and in the farm yard and buildings, at full range of speeds. Improved manoeuvrability for loader operation, in the farm yard and when turning at the headland. The curved design of the chassis and bonnet ensures one of the best turning circles on the market allowing the operator greater freedom to move in tighter areas such as farm yards.


Modern implements are placing more and more demands upon the tractors used to power them, with tractors asked to perform faster and sharper. The MF 5700 S comes with immense capabilities, easily handling heavy-duty applications with outstanding lift and drive capacities for the very latest implements.

Power take off:  

Whether you are a contractor, running a dairy unit, mixed farming enterprise or family farm, the MF 5700 S Series is designed to meet your everyday needs. Designed to handle the requirements of modern farm machinery and to deliver the workrates you need, the MF 5700 S Series offers a wide range of specifications to excel in every operation

A range of PTO options and equipment offer fast, precise control whether the tractor is used for
handling work or out in the field mowing, baling, ploughing, cultivating, spraying or drilling. 

PTO Engagement:

PTO engagement remains electro-hydraulic using the same 3-position safety switch (On, Off,
and Lock/Brake). Standard external fender mounted switches are available for PTO engagement
and disengagement. 

MF Technology:

The on- and off-board technology solutions incorporated into the MF 5700 S Series are a clear indication of the pace of progress and innovation set by Massey Ferguson. Information is power when it comes to getting the job done more efficiently and more productively. This is the reason why Massey Ferguson delivers straightforward and dependable technology solutions resulting in unbeatable ease of use, improved productivity and profitability through higher yields and lower input costs and greater profits.



Servicing is straightforward and simple, taking the stress out of maintaining your tractor and leaving you  ith more time in the field. With intervals increased by 25% to 500 hours, maintenance costs are substantially reduced. 



Model Max
Power hp*
Transmission Engine Cab Type
MF 5710 S 100 420 Dyna-4 / 6 AGCO Power 4.4l/4 cylinder Essential/Efficien
MF 5711 S 110 468 Dyna-4 / 6 AGCO Power 4.4l/4 cylinder Essential/Efficien
MF 5712 S 120 502 Dyna-4 / 6 AGCO Power 4.4l/4 cylinder Essential/Efficien
MF 5713 S 130 545 Dyna-4 / 6 AGCO Power 4.4l/4 cylinder Essential/Efficien
* @ 2,000 rpm | ** @ 1600 rpm


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