The new generation of agricultural telehandlers

Handling jobs effortlessly and efficiently, the New MF TH Series provides any farmer with the optimum accessibility and manoeuvrability required.

This new range also gives more lift height, a longer reach and the ability to lift heavier payloads compared to the successful MF 9000 Series. With the right attachment, the MF TH Series can achieve paramount performance in a wide variety of applications around the farm.

Our New telehandlers are purpose-built for hard work. Wherever you need a quick, compact solution to many applications, the MF TH Series has the capacity to perform.

  • Grab silage and muck, lift bales and fertiliser bags, shift feed and clean sheds
  • There are plenty of implements to choose from to accompany your MF telehandler, including a bale spike, bale squeeze handler, pallet fork and bucket
  • Powerful, precise hydraulics allow easy operation of heavy lifting
  • Working in tight buildings can often be a challenge. MF TH Series telehandlers are highly manoeuvrable with three steering modes and the option of the MF TH.6030 semi-compact machine. Get the flexibility you need – including all-round visibility and precision handling



Key Features:


Max Lift Capacity: 3,800kg

Steering: Three Modes

Engine Capacity:  4CYL / 3.4 LTR

Max Lift Height: 7 Metres

Transmission: Hydrostatic

Hydraulic Flow: 190 L/Min

Fuel Tank Capacity: 138 LTR


Productivity & manoeuvrability: With 130hp the TH 7038 has the power and endurance to tackle the toughest jobs when you need it most. The MF TH 7038 is a serious performer that will prove to be invaluable around the farm. Speed, agility and strength are just some of the key benefits that make this the ideal multipurpose workmate in all kinds of farming operations.

Handling jobs effortlessly and efficiently, the MF TH 7038 Series provides you with the optimum accessibility and manoeuvrability that you require. This machine gives you more lift height, a longer reach and the ability to lift heavier payloads. With the right attachment, the MF TH 7038 can achieve outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications around the farm.

Environment: The new, curved shape cab design, the new engine bonnet lower profile and the low boom pivot point ensures unsurpassed visibility all around the machine, especially from the rear of the cab whilst working in tight and narrow spaces. An unobstructed view of front attachments ensures safe and precise loading and unloading, making it easier and safer to position bales or pallets at elevated working heights.

Hydraulics: A powerful and consistent hydraulic system is paramount to the everyday productivity of a telehandler. There is a loadsensing spool valve management system on all models.

All functions are electro-hydraulic and proportional thanks to a load-sensing hydraulic system. It’s very accurate and easy to use, plus it allows the operator to simultaneously use three functions, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

High spec boom controls, thanks to 4 electro hydraulic load sensing spool valves, will allow the operator to simultaneously use 3 functions with high precision. The oil goes exactly where the operator wants it to go, it does not simply go where it’s easy.

Engine: The MF TH 7038 Series features a new 3.4l four-cylinder Tier 4 Final compliant Doosan engine which uses straightforward technology to give an environmentally friendly solution with no compromise.

This powerful and efficient engine, provides plenty of torque in applications that demand more traction and force. The larger and improved design of the engine cooling system ensures continuously high performance in demanding and confined operations. The engine is now mounted lengthways, not only does this ensure space for the boom to sit without impeding visibility when in the cab, but access to the engine area for servicing and maintenance is easy and straightforward.

Transmission: The two speed hydrostatic gearbox offers simplicity and smoothness of operation as well as high-performance output and capability. It has speed capabilities of up to 40 km/h* with two mechanical gears comprising of two speeds which allows the customer to choose the best speed for the application and gives excellent performance in road transport.

It also has an easy-to-set creeper function for operations that demand low speed at higher engine revs. This feature provides more accuracy and control for operation such as sweeping, silage distribution, and straw spreading.

Servicing: Servicing is straightforward and simple thanks to well positioned service points, taking the stress out of maintaining your telehandler and leaving you with more time in the field/at work.

Side opening of the bonnet gives you wide, open access to the engine, air filter, cooling system and air conditioning system; providing quick serviceability to all the major points.

The air filter is removed easily for checking and cleaning. An optional automatic reverse fan is available if required. Just press the switch or set the automatic activation and the fan reverses its cycle, blowing out any dust, straw and other material that may become stuck to the cooling package.


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