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Bale accumulator for all BiG Packs (since year of manufacture 2011, high speed generation)‌ Length 3,910 mm (transport position) Width 2,920 mm (transport position) Height 1,820 mm (transport position) Length 3,260 mm (working position) Width 4,300 mm (working position) Height 1,350 mm (working position) Nutzlast: 2.500 kg Accumulating capacity: 3 bales (120 cm channel dimension) or up to 5 bales (80 cm channel dimension) Bales = height 0.70 - 1.30 m, width 1.20 m, length 1.50 - 2.70 m transport speed max. 50 km/h ​Attention: B323 or B324 and B325, B326 or B366 are absolutely necessary to attach the BaleCollect to BiG Pack Generation 4 (HighSpeed). To attach the BaleCollect to BiG Pack Generation 5 (BP305/405) are B323 and B458 (when BaleCollect will be retrofitted) or the option 0740 at the BiG Pack absolutely necessary.

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Hydraulical telescopic drawbar (0310)
Automatic storage of the bales
Different collection patterns
Integrated bale weighing device, every bale is being weighed (0510)
​Further equipment‌
Tyres 10.0/75-15.3 10PR TL (0210)
Hydraulic folding for a transport width < 3m (0420)
Comfort on-board electronic 1.0 ISOBUS-compatible, without operation unit (0977)
Preparation for KRONE Diagnostics with Comfort on-board electronic 1.0 (3011)


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