More power to you

  • No other self-propelled windrower helps you produce hay faster, more efficiently and more comfortably. Powerful performance and versatility you need to get the job done.



Key Features:


Engine Horsepower: 197-265

Operating Speeds: 35kmph transport / 28 kmph field

Cooling System:  V-Cool TM

Fieldmax Terminal: Windrower functions




Leading cooling technology: Our high-performance cooling fan, part of our new V-Cool System, goes far beyond ordinary rotary vacuum screen cleaners. Because it’s hydraulically driven, it can run at variable speeds, allowing it to match the cooling needs of the engine. Again, because it’s hydraulic, it can auto-reverse to clean out the radiators and fan screen. And that’s just what it does at 15-minute intervals. The fan reverses upon header shutdown. The reverse fan also senses the cooling performance and adjusts the fan speed or increases the reversing cycle.

  • Fan speed is independent of engine speed
  • Adjusts to conditions
  • Saves fuel by operating at lower rpm when extra cooling isn’t needed
  • Reduces risk of water pump failure due to less load on the pump bearings


Independent Header Flotation: By adjusting each lift arm independently, you can increase the lift pressure on one side only, making it easier to cut over uneven terrain as well as allowing for a closer cut without gouging into the ground. You can also balance the header from side to side without making mechanical adjustments. And a return-to-level cut feature allows you to go back to your previous settings. The header can rotate on an angle because of the modular design of the cutter bed.

  • Eliminates the need for balance weights
  • On-the-go adjustment
  • Decreases overall machine weight
  • Reduces ground compaction
  • No need to raise the header to adjust flotation

Selectable Speed Ranges: So we’ve significantly boosted the pump flow to give the WR Series unmatched hill-climbing ability, with more torque in the field and increased transport speed.

  • Range 1: (Field) 0 to 28 kph
  • Range 2: (Road) 0 to 35 kph
  • Range 3: (Road with rearsteer opt.) 0 to 39 kph


WR Series Cabin:

  • Optional semi-active air suspension seat
  • A more convenient, intuitive side console
  • Better lighting n Optional automatic climate control
A brand new steering column, with a greater range of steering wheel positions and adjustments


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