Tidy work. The Fendt Former Hay Rake.

Do you expect nothing but the highest quality forage in your swath? Then you should definitely take a look at the innovative Fendt Former hay rakes. With an operating width of up to 13.8 m, they are experts in adding quality forage cleanly and precisely to the swath, anytime and under all conditions.


The best of all worlds. Innovative technology for cleaner forage.

Whether its a single, two or four-rotor hay rake: All Fendt Formers are designed to make it easy, to form your quality forage. Smart details like flexHigh, CamControl, SteerGuard or the Jet-Effect help you to keep the shape of your forage even on headlands, and the sturdy design ensures a long lifetime.


Every last stalk matters during the forage harvest.

All Fendt Former multi-rotor hay rakes have a fully cardanic rotor suspension. This gives them outstanding adjustability to the ground, both lengthwise and diagonally, with even forage which lies in wheel tracks or hollows being harvestable without being lost. As a result, the sward is also protected on uneven terrain.


Precision Ground Following

Simple but low-wear, durable and above all, precise: this is the patented SteerGuard steering system. The stub axle steering uses adjustable track rod heads from the commercial vehicle sector. This ensures precise self-steering and excellent stability. In order to direct steering forces towards the rear, the steering shaft is located within the frame and protected against damage. It has just a few separation points and mounts and is therefore very low wear.


Perfectly formed swaths

The best swath is the result of an optimised cam track. The special design of the Fendt Former cam track ensures that the tines are lifted and lowered precisely. Due to the standard cam track adjustment, the delivery time can be individually adjusted depending on the forage quality, so that the swath is perfectly formed under all conditions. The output of the trailed machines therefore increases appreciably. The closed design protects the cam track against dirt and dust, and the rotors are very smooth running thanks to the permanent lubrication.




Optimal forage quality thanks to Jet-Effect

The rotors’ pivot outside the centre of gravity ensures that they lift first at the front and then at the back. The process runs in reverse when lowering: The rotor touches the ground first at the back and then at the front, which stops the tines from penetrating the ground. Tines as well as the sward are therefore protected and the forage is kept free of dirt and contaminants.


Perfect rotor chassis

The Fendt Former hay rake wide-track chassis ensures optimal ground following, also on uneven and steep terrain. Additional smooth running and stability enables tandem axle configurations. The Fendt Former allows you to work efficiently and cleanly in any conditions and forage types. The steerable tandem axle (available for Former 7850/7850 PRO and Former 14055 PRO) protects the grass sward during work. For optimal raking, the rotor chassis can be tilted lengthwise and horizontally.


Perfect cam track

The Fendt Former Hay Rake 7850 and 7850 Pro promise maximum ground clearance on the headland, thanks to CamControl. CamControl is the hydraulic adjustment of cam tracks. When you reach the headland, the tines are automatically lifted to the horizontal position. The added ground clearance means the centre of gravity is still as low as before and the swath remains protected at the headland.


One step ahead when it comes to comfort and efficiency

Fendt offers the right solution for everyone when it comes to 4-rotor hay rakes. You have the choice between the Fendt Former 14055 PRO machine with up to 13.8 m working width and the special proConnect ISOBUS functions, the ISOBUScontrolled Fendt Former 12545 PRO Gen 2 with max. 12.5 m working width, and the similar Fendt Former 12545 Gen 2 as a standard machine, which are controlled via two hydraulic control units and manual settings.

Working width

Tine arms per rotor

Former 12545 Gen 2

10,0 - 12,5 m

4 x 12

Former 12545 PRO Gen 2

10,0 - 12,5 m

4 x 12

Former 14055 PRO

11,5 - 13,8 m

4 x 13



The right machine for the best possible forage harvesting.

The Fendt Former two-rotor hay rake with central swath shot is available to meet any challenge. From the entry-level model Former 671 with a low power requirement to the all-rounders Former 801/880 and 10065, as well as the professional units Former 8055 Pro and Former 10065 Pro, the hay rakes are a constant source of wonder. They cannot be beaten when it comes to durability and quality of work.



Working width

Tine arms per rotor

Former 671

5,80 - 6,60 m

10 / 10

Former 801

6,80 - 7,60 m

12 / 12

Former 880

7,20 - 8,00 m

12 / 12

Former 8055 PRO

7,20 - 8,00 m

12 / 12

Former 10065 PRO

8,80 - 10,00 m

15 / 15

Former 10065

8,80 - 10,00 m

15 / 15


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