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4-rotor centre delivery rake‌ Work width: 10,800 - 13,700 mm Swath width approx. 1,400 - 2,600 mm* Transport width approx. 2,990 mm Transport height 3,990 mm (without folding tine arms, hydraulical running gear!) Weight approx. 5,800 kg (basic machine) Rotor diameter: 3,600 mm (front), 3,300 mm (rear) 4 x 13 tine arms (fixed) Maximum PTO speed 540 rpm Power requirement approx. 59 kW (80 HP) Required hydraulic connections: Load-Sensing

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Four Rotor Centre Delivery Rakes


Solid two-point headstock (Cat. II) incl. pivoting suspension by ball-hitch and roller
Integrated two-feet parking jack
Hydraulic system Load-Sensing
​Drive train‌
Pull-type rotor suspension with KRONE Jet-Effect gearbox (maintenance-free, liquid grease lubricated), completely
hardened KRONE Dura-Max cam track. Tine arms with maintenance-free groove ball bearings
KRONE Easy-Line driveline (leading rotors operate at approx. 25% faster rpm than the rear rotors)
Rotors individually protected from damage by knock-out clutch
Driveshaft with wide angle joint on one end, 1 3/8", Z=6
Drive train with freewheel
​Rotor + rotor running gear‌
Cardanic rotor suspension incl. KRONE Jet Effect
Four (front) and five (rear) reinforced 10.5 mm trailing double tines per arm with big coil diameter
Tines assembled around tine arm to avoid losses
Side-independent work width adjustment
Swath width automatic system
Rotor height automatic mode (1 rotor is adjusted, all other rotors are adjusted automatically; allows operators to
program 2 preselectable rotor heights)
Single rotor lifting of all four rotors
Hydraulic rotor suspension, selectable from the cab (separate settings for front and rear rotors)
4-wheel rotor chassis incl. 4 trailing guide wheels
​Steering + transport running gear‌
Hydraulic frame ensures transport height less than 4,000 mm, without folding tine arms
​Further equipment‌
LED headlights and warning panels
Hectare counter
Single axle with hydraulic brake included (1070)
Tyres 620/40 R 22.5 (rotor tyres 16x6.50-8) included (1192)
Comfort on-board electronics 1.0 ISOBUS-compatible, without operating terminal (if the tractor is not ISOBUS-compatible
B290 is required additionnally: if no ISOBUS terminal available B410, B412, B413 or B308 is required additionnally) (0895)


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