June 2007

North Canterbury Equipment

Dealer profile  

Amberley's local one stop shop  

North Canterbury Equipment was founded on its present site in 1970 and taken over by brothers Gerard and John Bassett in 1990. A true family business, it now includes four members of the next generation within the farm machinery and outdoor power equipment divisions.   

The business, situated on SH 1, offers a wide range of agricultural equipment, both new and used for sale. Their Hiab equipped truck makes deliveries and installations within North Canterbury efficiently and hassle free. To complement the sales business the company also offers a range of equipment for hire.

Equipment for hire

They offer a wide range of tractor mounted/drawn and ATV drawn equipment including mowers, power harrows, seeders, drills and fertilizer spreaders to name a few. This offers a cost effective solution for those “one off” jobs requiring specialised equipment and appeals to the vast range of clientele within the area. The farm machinery parts department offers a large range of stock which is complemented by a range of accessories from oils, belts, tyres, bearings and fast moving tractor consumables. The outdoor power equipment division offers a range of Stihl brush cutters, chain saws, Polaris Motorcycles, MTD, Grillo and Viking ride on and push mowers, plus generators and spraying equipment. The separate departments of North Canterbury Equipment work well together to form a business that ensures their motto is up held - “For a good deal your local one stop shop”.

14 years with TFM

In 1993 North Canterbury Equipment signed up as a dealer for Tulloch Farm Machines and over the years the two companies have forged a good relationship. Gerard Bassett commented “The staff at TFM are good to deal with and consequently the service including the after hours service is excellent. We think the service schools are also a good feature of the Tulloch service. The Krone products we sell, mainly balers and AM mowers are excellent quality and well priced.” “Having TFM sales rep Tim Darling in the area is also a bonus with his all round knowledge of the machines. We appreciate the high standard of service and integrity from TFM and look forward to many more years of continued business”.
WIN A TRIP... to the U.K.

Photo Competition Guidelines &   Prizes confirmed!

Big-X (pictured) at Grasslands 2005

The final important details of the photographic competition have been approved, and we are very pleased to advise that the first prize is a trip with our group to Europe and the UK for the Grasslands Field Days in May 2008. 

The prize covers the cost of return air fares, bus tours and accommodation for one person. Not all meals are included. The proposed itinerary (approx. 12 days) will take travellers to the UK for the Grasslands Field Days (21st & 22nd May) and then on to Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Spelle, Amsterdam and then home. Additional details once finalised will be published in the next newsletter. For all competition entrants the following rules and conditions apply: 

The first prize will be a trip to Grasslands Field Days 2008 as detailed.  

Two additional consolation prizes will be awarded.   

The photograph should reflect the theme: “A day in the life of a farmer/contractor/operator in New Zealand”

The subject should be of   any model of Krone, Rabe, Einbock, Fransgard, Supreme, Pronovost or Bema machine purchased from Tulloch Farm Machines or authorised dealer 

The competition is intended for amateur photographers only.

Entries from professional photographers will not be accepted.

The competition entrant, if not the rightful owner of the machine, must have the full consent of the owner at the time when the photograph was taken. This must also include the acceptance of all of the terms and conditions of this competition. 

Tulloch Farm Machines reserves the right to use the submissions for any of its advertising and promotions.

Tulloch Farm Machines will retain full copyright, accepts 
no liability for any loss or breach as a result of any entries being used in any advertising campaign.

A decision by the appointed panel will declare the winner and no correspondence will be entered into between contestants and the judging panel to dispute the results.   

The last date for entries will be 29 th  February 2008

Digital images can be sent to n.gillot@tulloch.co.nz; OR film images should be posted to Tulloch Farm Machines, PO Box 200 Masterton 5840. 

Please supply high resolution photos and/or digital images.
FMG Finance offer

6.95% on selected brands 

In conjunction with FMG Finance, we are pleased to offer a great finance deal on all RABE, EINBOCK and PRONOVOST equipment at 6.95%* interest. 

* Based on 25% deposit 

36 monthly repayments 

Terms and conditions apply 

Offer ends 31 July 2007 

To inquire about this offer please email us at j.tulloch@tulloch.co.nz 
National Fieldays equipment

Mystery Creek Field days is on from 13 th  to 16 th  June 2007 and as usual we will to have a few new models on display. Come and see these new machines at our site L6 - look for the LEPRECHAUN!

The following machines are planned to be on site. 

Big-X testing: phase II

The demonstration program for the Krone Big X has concluded in the maize harvest with a spectacular result - all who witnessed the Big X chopping maize were impressed.

The Big-X (pictured) chopping maize in Waikato - February 2007

From BOP to Lincoln!

The trial started in the Bay of Plenty, went across to the Waikato and then down to New Plymouth. The Big X was then transported to Canterbury for the Lincoln field days after which a few demonstrations were conducted. The machine was then sent back up the Kapiti coast and harvested in the Manawatu, Hawkes Bay and finally at home in the Wairarapa. 

To summarise, the demonstration program was an easy task as without exception every job we went to was trouble free and the crop was harvested to expectations. You should expect that from any new machine. Many operators and owners were given the opportunity to drive the Big X with instruction from Richard Houston (currently driving a Big X V12 in the USA). 

The Krone Big X impressed all, including a little girl from a country school near Urenui whose teacher brought the kids out to marvel at this huge machine - she was truly impressed at the size of the tyres! One may ask what assurances we offer a prospective buyer about the reliability and service life of the Big X

Firstly we know the trials in grass and maize were a total success. The Big X has been in commercial production for 5 years and while   it is still relatively new to New Zealand, it is performing well. If you consider the following facts, you can see that an investment in a Krone Big X forage harvester is not such a big gamble.

Big-X (pictured) chopping maize in Taranaki
Innovative EasyFlow Grass front

The Krone EasyFlow grass front has a number of innovative features but the main one being a pick up with no cam track. The Krone EasyCollect maize front is a unique concept which Krone originally produced for their tractor drawn choppers in 1984. This patented design reduces power consumption, has less wearing parts (with obvious financial benefits), and has good ground adaptability and crop flow. Reduced weight over similar sized headers and closer coupling to the base unit make it an all round winner. The AutoScan option on the Easy Collect maize front can automatically detect the ripeness/DM of a crop and change the cut length accordingly to ensure better consolidation in the stack/bag.

Crop Processing Unit

The crop processing unit encompassing the pre-compression rollers through to the kernel processor on all models from 510hp to 1020hp is the same with only one difference - the 510 hp unit has a 20 knife drum that spins at 100rpm less than it’s bigger brothers. A recent test in the UK measured the Big X 1000 chopping maize for a biogas plant at 7mm at a rate of 9 ton per minute. Six pre-compression rollers instead of the conventional 4, a fixed drum speed with variable speed pre- compression rollers gives steplessly variable cut length. Finally a larger dimensioned drum and kernel processor ensure the most consistent chop length and kernel processing in the industry. The innovation does not stop there. The Big X 1000 is powered by two 6 cylinder (510hp) motors and such was the success of the motor coupling technology, the V12 (780hp) is due to be super- seded by a twin engine BIG X 800 featuring two six cylinder engines at 313hp and 510hp. The 313 hp motor will only come in when required, saving fuel at TIR III emission levels. 

Hydrostatic AWD

The final area of innovation is the hydrostatic AWD. Suspension on the rear axle and 40kph allows comfortable speedy transport with unmatched turning ability. The hydrostatic drive offers unmatched tractive power and with “throttle control” offers enviable fuel savings in work and on the road. With all these innovations in mind, one might ask, is the Big X going to become the new industry bench mark? Maybe the decision to own a Krone Big X is no longer a gamble but... a step into the future! 
EasyCut mowers

Tom Goodin Contracting, Rahotu Taranaki

It probably goes without saying that the most reputable manufacturers of grass harvesting machinery believe that because of the unique conditions in New Zealand, we are a good testing ground.

The Tom Goodin team (pictured) at work in Taranaki with the Krone mowers

No one would dispute that... and within New Zealand, Taranaki, although a highly productive area, has some of the most trying conditions in the country - smaller sized paddocks, very undulating conditions, rocks and rain. For Tulloch Farm Machines, Tom Goodin Contracting at Rahotu in Taranaki is in the thick of those very trying conditions. For the 2003/04 season Tom ordered 2 Krone VP 1800 balers to deal with the wet conditions that his belt balers were having so much trouble with, particularly at the beginning of the season. 

Such was the success that it was felt that the mowers may be worth a try so for the 2004/05 season, Tom and team ordered a Krone EasyCut 3210CV trailing mower conditioner and Krone EasyCut 32CV plus EasyCut 320CV front/rear combination mower conditioners. At the conclusion of that season the front rear configuration had outperformed the trailing mower. The necessity of a longer draw bar than on a side pull mower meant that it is not as well suited to the unforgiving conditions some of his customers farm in. 

Simple is Easy

Evident thoughout was the very good flotation of the combination unit. There was always an element of doubt about the front mower particularly because of the sometimes treacherous conditions but the front mower actually proved to be the most reliable of all 3. The key to the success of the Krone front mount mower conditioner is firstly it is very simple, and mounted close to the tractor. Secondly and very important is that it has a collapsible top link which allows the cutter bar to lift up on a climb out when the tractor is still travelling down hill. The third important factor is that the front mounted EasyCut 32CV is the very same mower conditioner that is fitted to the Big M II self propelled mower conditioner and is built accordingly - robust! Subsequent to this realisation Agricultural Machinery Taranaki traded the trailing mower conditioner at 2 years and Goodin Contracting are now running 2 front/rear combination units.
Buying the new Krone machinery has paid off, with much lower running costs than before.



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