June 2006

Chris Mullan

Fuel Savings with Krone Round Baler 

Chris Mullan calls his VP1500 “the hungry baler... it likes to be fed balage but is not so thirsty for fuel!” 

Chris Mullan Contracting of Waihi received an extra dividend when he replaced two Welger RP200 round balers with a Krone VP1500MC round baler from Whyteline Ltd in 2004. 

Not only does one Krone VP1500MC readily cope with more than 15,000 round bales annually (previously rolled up with two RP200 balers), there is also a considerable fuel saving. Chris used close to a full tank of fuel when baling for a day with one RP200 fixed chamber baler. 

Low Power Consumption 

When Chris switched to the variable chamber VP1500MC, he noted how easy it was to drive with the tractor not working nearly as hard. This was confirmed when he refueled his Case MX110 tractor at the end of the day.

Compared to his experience with the fixed chamber baler(s), there was noticeably less fuel required to fill the tank. With the current escalation in fuel costs, Chris reckons his dividend with the Krone is increasing!

Left to right - John Tulloch, Chris Mullan, Mark Whyte, and Ralph Priddle.

TFM Editor’s Note 

Variable chamber round balers use less energy to compress the bale than do fixed chamber, roller balers. The former roll the bale firmly, compressing all material from the core out as it is fed into the baler. 

A fixed chamber roller baler takes in material which is not compressed. The pressure required to compress this material can only be applied when there is sufficient of it to cause the rollers on the perimeter of the baler to begin rotating the bale. 

Try rolling up a narrow strip of paper into a tight cylinder, then take a similar piece of paper and screw it into a ball - you’ll see what we mean.
Rabe has a new owner

New owners, the Rau family from Osnabrück, confirm there will be no interruption to supply of parts service or whole goods from Rabe. The new structure retains the services of John Young, so it is business as usual. 

Press Statement - The Rau family from Osnabrück has bought the Rabe Company in Bad Essen. The well known German manufacturer of cultivation equipment and seed drills will now be trading as Rabe Agri GmbH.

Stephanie Egerland-Rau (39) is the Managing Director of the new company. She is a business graduate (MBA) with many years experience in manufacturing and service businesses. She intends to continue running the company as a medium sized family controlled business. 

Further expansion planned 

The Rabe factory in Bad Essen will be taken over with plans for further expansion at the site. Furthermore all current staff will be employed by the new company. Rabe’s comprehensive range of innovative tillage equipment and seed drills will be continued. Further developments are planned in both conventional and conservation tillage methods to meet future requirements in changing international markets. 

The arrival of Mrs. Egerland-Rau will strengthen the management team and at the same time the new company will benefit from existing expertise within Rabe. The former directors will be retained on a consultancy basis. 
National Fieldays Preview

Tulloch Farm Machines on display at Mystery Creek National Fieldays - June 14 to 17, 2006. 

Look out for the Leprechaun and visit us at site L6 to see our range of proven quality machinery plus some new innovative machines to make your farming more profitable. The equipment on display will reflect a good cross section of what we have to offer through our nationwide network of dealers. The following machines are planned to be displayed at Mystery Creek 2006

Mrs. Egerland-Rau is convinced that Rabe given its modern product range and a motivated workforce will go forward.

Please note - depending on shipping dates, some of the above machines may not be available
in time for the Fieldays and other machines may be displayed instead.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Field Days Roadshow

The major field days preceding the National event at Mystery Creek, although not as big, are equally important to us. 

Northland, Waimumu and Central Districts, again all recorded increased exhibitors and increased visitor attendance. Weather at all field days was good and Waimumu has been extended to 3 days.

Tulloch site at the Waimumu Field Days

The Einbock has proven to be without doubt the most popular exhibit at all field days. The live demonstration of the Big M at Waimumu was again a crowd puller and the BigPack MultiBale also created a huge amount of interest. The new site S37 at Central Districts Field Days situated near the main entrance was a perfect move, evidenced by a visitor attendance that was better than ever by far.

Tulloch site at the Central District Field Days

Again, hats off to those responsible for putting these very important events together and thank you to all those who took the time to visit us at the Tulloch Farm Machines sites around the country. We look forward to seeing some of you again and others at Mystery Creek site L6 during June 14th to 17th 2006. Look out for the Leprechaun!

Einbock Pneumaticstar 600 Air Seeder at work in New Zealand
New role as Marketing Manager

Nick Gillot has recently been promoted to a new role within Tulloch Farm Machines. 

In his new role Nick will take over the marketing function from Manager John Tulloch. 

This will allow John to focus more on the “back end” of the business, ensuring supply/support of the latest products with specifications best suited to our local market. 

John will remain equally active in the front line attending field days and visiting dealers and customers alike. 

Nick will have a dual function as Marketing Manager and Area Sales Representative. 

As Area Sales Representative, he will continue to support our dealers in Taranaki, Manawatu and Hawkes Bay. As Marketing Manager, he will be responsible for all advertising and marketing initiatives nationwide.

Nick Gillot is keen to get into the new realm of marketing and advertising and sees it as an interesting challenge.


Buying the new Krone machinery has paid off, with much lower running costs than before.



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