January 2012

Josef Moeller and Tobias Lehmann
Josef, Tobias and John have shrunk next to the BIG X!

Josef Moeller and Tobias Lehmann arrived in New Zealand after a long trip from their homeland Germany. 

The primary purpose of their trip was to investigate further opportunities of future growth in the spare parts department. 

We were also kindly introduced to Tobias Lehmann who is the new manager of the international parts sales and we look forward to seeing and hearing more from him in the near future. 

TFM Tractor DRIVE Day!


It was great to see so many faces :) 

Our retail division, TFM Tractors, organised a DRIVE Day at Clareville, Carterton on the 19 th January 2012 where our customers were invited to give the machines a test drive. 

It was a fantastic day, in spite of the wind! We had Ray Copeland demonstrating the Joskin Slurry with its injector boom attached. It is very impressive to see how it operates. The effluent is injected into the soil at around 2-3cm at an application rate of around 24'000 litres per hectare this method also eliminates the risk of run off into water courses along with minimum loss of valuable nitrogen to the plant with no odour problems & no contamination of the grass leaf. It was also interesting to find that we could walk on top of the injected soil without getting any effluent stuck on our shoes! 

We had the Massey Ferguson's 5425, 7475, 7499 and 8680 beautifully demonstrate the EasyCut 280, Swadro 1000 and the Fortima V 1500 MC. 

We had a sizzling BBQ to feed everyone and it was a great hit, despite Alex burning the sausages.  

It was great to see so many faces on the day as we appreciate it has been a very busy season this year.


John modelling by the Krone mower


Supreme... it's supreme!


Henk Feldmann and Heiner Bruneing


Henk and Heiner are missing the cold snowy winter in Europe!

Henk Feldmann, export sales manager and Heiner Bruneing, head of product management of KRONE, Spelle, Germany were able to come and visit us here at Tulloch’s in January. 

One of the aims of their visit was to investigate and gain insight to the New Zealand market in hope to return with some quality feedback. The feedback they gain will be used to explore possible developments of new machines to suit the unique New Zealand conditions. 

Henk Feldmann came to give support to the New Zealand sales as well as providing us with the years scorecard, which we are pleased to say was the top scorecard!


Buying the new Krone machinery has paid off, with much lower running costs than before.



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