January 2004

Agricultural Machinery Taranaki

John Hermann and his team at Agricultural Machinery Taranaki (AMT) Ltd is one of TFM's most established dealers and they are going strong! They have increased sales of Tulloch supplied machines 4 years in a row.

In particular, sales of Krone machines (mowers, tedders, rakes and balers) has been on the increase, with the Vario Pack gaining the reputation of being the best baler to handle the sometimes difficult baling conditions that Taranaki has to offer. 

However, recent sales of Supreme mixer feeders and Elho bale wrappers have also boosted business for AMT.


Staff at the Head Office branch in Hawera left to right - John H, Judith, Mike, Alex, David,
Rhys, Ken, John P and Hayden. Missing is Leeston who was taking the photo.

Hawera Branch

A second branch is located in Katere Road, New Plymouth where Alan Humphries is the Branch Manager. 

History of AMT Ltd with TFM 

John Hermann bought an existing sole trader business (also called AMT) in 1980. The business has expanded over the years but is still based out of the original site on Glover Road in Hawera. 

From modest beginnings in 1980 with 4 staff including 1 mechanic, the company has now expanded to 16 staff with 8 service representatives and 3 sales representatives. 

The previous owner had sold Krone and Gehl machines prior to the take-over, so it was natural for John to continue with the Tulloch line. In the early 1980s AMT Ltd sold Iseki tractors as well as the Power Farming range of equipment. 

Tulloch line strong 

The Tulloch line was always very strong, and John reckons that he would have sold at least 50 Gehl balers during the 1980s along with several Gehl mix-alls, and also a good number of Gehl forage harvesters. 

John knows of a Gehl forage harvester still operating in the Taranaki area which would be at least 25 years old. 

Krone proving popular 

The Krone brand was also gathering momentum in those early years, and John remembers delivering his first Krone baler, a KR155, on New Years Day in 1984.


AMT Shop in Hawera.
Reflections on the old days 

John reflects on those days nearly 20 years ago where a big year for a baler like the KR155 would be 3000 bales per year. In contrast to today, where it is normal for a baler to make 10,000 bales per year or more. In fact recently, John heard from one of his VarioPack customers that 1100 bales were made from one machine within a 24 hour period. 

Now that's honking! 

Mowers, rakes and balers 

In the early 1990 s, AMT started to sell a great deal more of the Krone range including disc mowers (models AM202, AM242), twin rotor rakes (KS 6.20-6.80) and KR series balers. John remembers delivering 8 Krone balers for the start of the 1993/1994 season, and the Krone trend has continued from then on. 

In 1988, Alan Humphries joined the company, and the New Plymouth branch of AMT Ltd was established. The branch has now moved to Katere Road, which is a handy location on the outskirts of the city. 

In the same year the company replaced Iseki with the CASE IH brand, and remains the designated CASE IH dealer for the whole of Taranaki region. 

Computer Link to TFM 

Communications between Tulloch Farm Machines and both branches at AMT Ltd are facilitated via a live computer link called the DBS system. This system provides an efficient and reliable parts system, with an integrated messaging system to anyone in either organisation. 

TFM comment 

We would like to thank John, Alan and the teams at Hawera and New Plymouth for supporting our products over 23 years.
David Deller

Service Representative 

David is a key mechanic in our service team, working on CASE IH tractors and in the assembly and servicing of our imported machinery.


He has been with our company since year 2000. Prior experience includes 14 years as a diesel/petrol mechanic servicing trucks, wheel loaders, forklifts and cars. 

David has 4 children, and lives in Masterton with his wife Jill. 

In his spare time David serves as a St John ambulance officer, and he has been on the Featherston, Greytown, Carterton and now Masterton crews. 

David and his wife are active christians, and they are members of a local “modern” church called The Lighthouse.
South Island Field Days Preview

27 - 28 February 2004 

Come and visit us and talk about your operation, and how we may be able to improve your profitability.

The product range on display near Gore will be a cross-section of the total range of machinery imported and distributed by the company, but obviously due to site limitations not every machine available is able to be displayed. The following machines are planned to be at the South Island Field Days 2004. 

Machines on display 


Central Districts Field Days Preview

18-20 March 2004 

Come and visit us and talk about your operation, and how we may be able to improve your profitability.

The following machines are planned to be at the Central Districts Field Days 2004.

Andrew Baird

Balage Contractor, Hokitika 

TFM interviewed balage contractor Andrew Baird of Hokitika on the performance of his new Elho1620 wrapper. 

The machine was delivered late November 2002, just after the first cut was finished. It was sold through Joe and Paul Deck of Greymouth Equipment Centre

Joe and Paul fitted the machine up to work behind Andrew’s Welger RP200 baler with special “RP” brackets that come from the Elho factory in Finland. 

Lights... Camera... Action! 

Additional working lights and a camera were included to facilitate operation at night. The machine had wrapped about 2,500 bales by the end of it’s first season. 

With the recent departure of a local competitor, Andrew is now looking to at least double his work output, with expectations of up to wrapping 7,000 bales or more this season. 

We asked Andrew for his comments on the Elho 1620 wrapper. 

About the general performance of the machine

 “After the initial adjustment to the brake during set-up, it hasn’t missed a beat” said Andrew “I’m very pleased with it, particularly on uneven ground, in humps and hollows, or on hills, where it has wrapped well despite the (rough) ground conditions." 

“The tandem axle is a real benefit, with a better ride (no bouncing), and by spreading the weight over 4 wheels, the machine does not sink into the ground in wet areas."


Buying the new Krone machinery has paid off, with much lower running costs than before.



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