January 2002

RB2580 Silage capable round baler

Gehl has launched a new range of round balers worldwide, and the RB2580 is the 4’x5’ model specifically designed for balage. 

With New Zealand connections! 

The development of the machine started in 1990, and Gehl used New Zealand as part of their testing ground for new design concepts. Graeme Tulloch was a member of the design focus panel and traveled to Florida and Wisconsin during trials in USA. David Tulloch also worked on the refinements of the concept on a test baler in New Zealand. 

The marketing people at Gehl have named the invention “Variable Open-Throat Power In-Feed system” which is quite a mouthful, but is best explained by the diagram (below).


In heavy, lumpy, wet crops the feed rollers can move up and down under spring tension, similar to the feed rollers of a forage harvester. The rollers ride up over the crop and power it into the bale chamber. This aggressive action assists in producing high density bales, and allows the machine to handle extremes of conditions, making it difficult, if not impossible to block. 

The first baler in New Zealand has been tested with Andrew Tulloch Contracts Ltd in a wide variety of different conditions, and the baler has performed beyond expectations. 

The new balers are expected to be fully available in 2002.


Sales Representative Dean Robinson and the new Gehl 2580 round baler. The text on the billboard reads:

GEHL 2580

Silage Special Round BalerBale Diameter 0.5m - 1.5m
  • Net wrap option
  • Variable open throat with power in-feed (patent pending)
  • New 6.5 in belts with heavy duty lacing
  • Auto reset overfill protection
  • Automatic twine and bale forming controls
Flexible Finance from 6.95%
Fransgaard TI6000 rake

Working Visit from Fransgaard, Denmark 

“By working together with Tulloch Farm Machines we have now come up with a design that suits New Zealand conditions”, said Henrik Rasmussen, Export Manager, during his visit to New Zealand in October 2001. 

“It is always a pleasure dealing with danish companies”, says John, “but Fransgaard would be one of the most flexible and easy companies to do business with. They are always very receptive to our concerns.”

Designed for New Zealand conditions 

John Tulloch says one of the new features added to the TI6000 rake to make it more suitable for New Zealand conditions is a new suspension system. “It’s a simple spring suspension system which improves the floatation, reducing stress on the tines. When you watch the machine working, the suspension spring is working virtually all the time, indicating that it is doing a good job.”


Left to right - John Tulloch, Henrik Rasmussen, and Graeme Tulloch (now retired)

“For New Zealand contractors we also fit bigger wheels to the TI6000 so that it can work more effectively on uneven ground.” The TI6000 and the trailed version TI6000P are both wide enough to put 2 into 1 behind a 3m mower condioner. The cam driven rotors ensure the crop is gently turned to expose the underside of the row for faster drying.


Gehl 18™ Mower Conditioner with rollers

The first of the large end-tow mower conditioners has arrived in New Zealand. Models available are DC2415 and DC2418, with 15’ (4.5m) and 18’ (5.3m) cutting widths respectively. 

Roller conditioners are growing in popularity with the increase in lucerne acreage, and contrary to popular belief, rollers are extremely effective when conditioning grass crops. 

The DC2415 and DC2418 are particularly suitable for New Zealand because of their ability to make one large windrow, even behind the 18’ (5.3m) machine. Alternatively 2 swaths can be laid for faster drying. The adjustment is done quickly without the use of tools.
VARIOPACK performance strong!

Krone Variopack balers sold this season have performed very well, with a number of the larger contractors converting from other brands. 

One of the major reasons for converting has been the ability of the machine to bale in any crop conditions. 

The edge-over-edge net wrap system is also a good bonus for those who have made the change.



Photographs compliments of Ashburton Implement Services.
Supreme Feed Processor launch

The single screw machine (model 500) from the Canadian company Supreme was demonstrated to interested parties in Taranaki on 10 October 2001. The machine is capable of handling a wide variety of feeds without any difficulty, and is built to last a lifetime with abrasion-resistant steel tanks. 

The new twin screw models have been designed for more capacity, without compromising the overall transport width. A reduction in mixing time of approximately 30% was an added bonus of the twin screw. 

There has been a lot of interest shown in the latest range of twin screw feed processors, with the first container load of model 700T (18 cu.m.) due late January 2002 already sold. The machines will come in fully disassembled in order to fit into a container. The large tanks will be welded, painted and assembled in Masterton. 

The first twin screw 700T to be built will be demonstrated to interested parties on request. The company plans to show the first machine in the South Island at a Field Day in May.


Above - the Supreme Feed Processor at Taranaki launch.
Krone Returns for more Service Training with dealer

4 groups of service technicians went through the dealer service training course held in early October 2001 at Tulloch Farm Machines. We were fortunate to have Mr. Klaus Vehring here again from Krone to assist. Klaus gave a similar course the year before. 

The training course covered the theory and setting up of PTO driveshafts, slip clutches, metal detector operation, electronics on new models, power theory (mechanical/hydraulic/electrical), and customer relations. The feedback obtained from those who attended included “very informative” and “excellent course”.


One group of dealer service technicians with Klaus from Krone (centre) left to right -
Stuart Hessell, Mark Doody, Klaus Vehring, Duncan King, and John Bassett
Hugh Lundie

Senior Parts Assistant 

Hugh started with us in July 2001. He was previously employed as an orchard Manager, and in that role he became familiar with machinery and dealing with people. 


Hugh is undergoing training to take over the retail side of the Parts business, including new agencies with KingTony tools and Alemite lubrication equipment and accessories. As a new marketing venture the new range of KingTony tools will be sold by the Parts department at the National Fieldays 2002. 

Hugh has been very quick to learn the parts systems, and become a contributing member of the team. 

In his spare time Hugh enjoys the outdoor life, and has just bought himself a block of land near Masterton. He keeps fit by going to the gym on a regular basis as well as running.
Buying the new Krone machinery has paid off, with much lower running costs than before.



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