February 2012

Southern Field days - Gore

It must be Beer O'clock

In February we had a team from Tulloch Farm Machines at the Southern field days. It was a successful trip and the team thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

They had 4 Krone mowers, a baler, a tedder, a loading wagon, a Supreme feeding wagon and an einbock seeder on display. They even had a Safecut mechanism of the disc drive module cut open for display purposes. The audience were able to compare and contrast between the different mowers and their developments from the older models. 

It was a beautiful sunny day and there was a large crowd of interested people. What more could one ask for.  In fact the team was so busy discussing mowers that they ran out of brochures. We apologise for any inconvenience! 

The team stayed at a great motel called Riverlea where they had their 5 O’clock beers before heading out for dinner….and more beers… 

The trip was a fantastic opportunity for our visitors Harvey Vandenberg, from Canada, and Titus Bocklage, from Germany, to see a little bit of New Zealand. 

Thanks to our fantastic team Tim Darling, John Tulloch, Harvey Vandenberg and Titus Bocklage everything ran smoothly and they had a great trip. 
Setting up the site at the Southern Field days


Titus Bocklage


Titus Bocklage, 24 years old from Vechta Germany is working at Tulloch Farm Machines to gain overseas work experience. 

He studied at the University of Applied Science Cologne and has one more year to return to in order to finish up his degree as an engineer, specialising in agricultural machinery. Before he began university he did a practical training experience to become a mechanic which has proven very useful with his time here at Tulloch Farm Machines. He has done excellent work in the workshop with the service team. 

His favourite experience has been to work with Jim Grove on the Big X machine as well as the Apiesse bagging machine. Working in the workshop with the service team has not only been educational for Titus but also very entertaining. 

While working for Tulloch Farm Machines, Titus has had the opportunity to see a bit of New Zealand. He went on a trip to Morrinsville where they stayed at a nice motel for a week and worked on a Big X. He also went to Gore on the South Island for the field days where he had some great experience talking to customers and demonstrating some machines. 

One of many great things New Zealand has to offer is TUI beer. It is apparent that Titus is going to miss it! With any occasion, or no occasion TUI has become Titus’s favourite beer. 

Titus has been living with the Tulloch family for the 3 month period. He has had pleasure in walking the 2 family dogs to the river (with a TUI in one hand) as well as enjoying Henriette’s home cooked meals. 

Titus has worked very hard and accomplished a lot during his stay and we wish him all the best for the future. 

Titus hates TUI beer... YEAH RIGHT!


Buying the new Krone machinery has paid off, with much lower running costs than before.



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