April 2005

New Gear for New Season

Kesty Manning, Apiti, Feilding

Kesty Manning operates a contracting business out of Apiti north of Feilding. He originally qualified as a motor mechanic and after a couple of years shearing behind him, Kesty decided in 1992 to start up in contracting. There appeared to be an opportunity.

Equipped with a John Deere round baler, a New Holland 376, a Lely mower and two JD tractors - 3130 and 1130, Kesty went out making hay. From those humble beginnings, Kesty has grown the business and now runs 6 new Case tractors from 100 hp to 175 hp and covers a good part of the northern Manawatu. The business emphasis is on baleage and hay but also does tillage and seeding. 

Kesty’s first association with Tulloch Farm Machines was in 1993 when he trialled a Krone 10-16s variable chamber baler. He was extremely impressed with the performance of the baler and therefore purchased one. According to Kesty “The key advantage of the Krone chain and slat system is its ability to bale a crop that other balers have trouble with - they will bale in conditions that others will not. And starting a bale is not a problem.” 

“The Krone makes a good solid bale that is easy to feed out and with net edge to edge, it looks a nice tidy bale. For these reasons we will probably only ever use a Krone Round Baler. We eventually traded the 10-16 on a new VP1800. The VP1800 was then traded on a VP1800MC on tandem wheels and this season it was traded for another new VP1800MC.” 

“This time in addition to the tandem axle, the brake option has been fitted for better control on hills and who knows what the authorities might think of next regarding safety! The initial price may sting a bit, but once you are into it, the change over price is the same.” commented Kesty. 

In the field, the tandems make the baler very stable and smooth out the holes, and importantly the pick up is not subject to the abuse that it would be on a single axle baler. If you ask about performance, Kesty quite proudly tells me “We had a really good run the other day, a 10.00am start, 630 bales of which half were 5 footers and at 6.00pm we were out mowing - that was with one baler, the new VP1800 MC.”


Steve, Dave, Kesty and Casey

Pronovost tube wrapper 

At the same time as the purchase of the 10-16s baler, Kesty bought a Pronovost tube wrapper. The whole system works very well says Kesty. “The Pronovost is such a simple machine that there is not much that can go wrong. The tuber is extremely fast and efficient. At least you know that the plastic thickness is constant and the seal is foolproof - no leaks, so the net result is your customer is assured of good quality baleage.” 

Service from TFM and Transag 

As far as service is concerned, Kesty says he could not fault the service from Tullochs. With Transag Centre in Palmerston North as the newly appointed dealer there, it is a huge advantage to all owners of Krone and other equipment serviced by Tulloch Farm Machines. When asked about parts, Kesty says he has never had a problem with a machine breakdown because of lack of stock. 

This season Kesty has ordered a 3.2m Krone Easy Cut mower commenting “The reason for purchasing the Krone mower was not only the persistent salesman, but I liked the look of the machine and made the decision based on what I had seen on the brochure. When I saw one at the National Field Days I knew I had made the right decision.The machine looks strong and looks like it will float well so we will give it a try for 2005.”


All new gear for the start of the season

Great teamwork 

Finally Kesty attributes the success of the business on the attitude of the staff. “Our team consists of Casey, Dave, Matt, Steve and Ritchie. They are a great team who work extremely well together and are very motivated. They enjoy working with the Krone gear and have a great relationship with TFM.” 

Casey has six years experience on the Krone Round Baler and says “It is simple and easy to use and will bale in most crop conditions.” Dave has been using the Krone Mower for this season and says “It is a versatile machine and simple to use.” 

Matt is on his third year with the Pronovost Tube Wrapper and says “it is fast and easy to operate, which is great when we’re working through the night”. Ritchie has also been learning to use the wrapper this year. Steve has been square baling for the last four years and this year we trialed the Krone Big Pac Square Baler which, Steve was very impressed with the speed and simplicity of the machine.
Fisken Contracting

On the job in Gore, Southland 

Brothers Mark, Tony and Stephen Fisken of Fiskens Contracting bought a 7 furrow Rabe plough in 2004. 

Fitted with slatted boards, auto-reset and hydraulic vari-width, they decided that an on-land kit would also be a useful option. They looked at the ram for front furrow adjustment and decided to extend this slightly. They now have a plough that can go on land or in the furrow at little extra cost. 

John Tulloch managed to catch up with Mark Fisken and operator Bof (Chris Hill) in early March 2005 to ask about their experiences to date. 

” The plough is impressive in stubble and at 22 inch spacing you are covering 13’ in one pass which is quicker than discing” said Mark. 

Bof stated that typically they operate from 7 am to 5.30pm and are comfortably achieving an output of 65 to 70 acres per day. Horse power is no problem with a 300 hp Case MX285. 

Regarding wear characteristics, Mark commented that by now they would have had to replace a set of boards on their old plough. “On the Rabe, only the second slat from the bottom was worn to the extent that we are now going to replace it. ” said Mark.


Rabe VHA180 7 furrow plough at work. L to R - Tim Darling (TFM), Jack Elder (Ganders) and Bof

Reversible tips 

Bof commented that the reversible tips were also a good feature - “Because they have three holes, you move it forward then reverse it. It is like having four points in one.” Bof showed us a worn tip and commented - “You can’t get anything more out of that now can you?” To date they have used 3 sets of shares and on their second set of shins. Mark said a local engineer (Brian Mahon) who knows his steels, had a look at the plough shares and was unable to find words (we could publish) that would adequately describe how incredibly hard they were. 

Asked about operation of the plough, Bof made the following comments:
  • “I can drive all day even in stony conditions without having to get out of the tractor because the Hydroavant allows the bodies to lift out and then automatically re set without slowing down at all.”
  • “The Variant feature allows you to manoeuvre around obstacles and also allows you to maximise out put in even the wettest conditions while maintaining maximum traction.”
  • “The special Rabe headstock allows you to make very tight turns even with duals and minimises front furrow depth variations when traversing undulations and gullies.”
  • “The slats tend to break up the furrow, and in a number of instances it is like getting a free pass with a cultivator - the net result is level and fluffy - that is unheard of in Southland.”
Bof was very impressed with the new Rabe plough and finally related a story of how one day the plough really choked up because of a foreign object and this time he had to get out. Upon inspection he found a huge mess of balage wrap. Because of the hydraulic re-set system he released the pressure, cleared the wrap, re-pressurised the system and was off ploughing again in good time!
Grasslands Tour An Intrepid Journey

Nick Gillot discusses the upcoming UK/EUR trip 

We are about to embark on a trip never before put on by Tulloch Farm Machines and in collating this article I considered how this trip might be best described. Yes, Intrepid does fit well. Intrepid is described in my processor dictionary as resolutely courageous; fearless

It’s not the actual journey, mode of travel or places we will visit that I refer to; it is the fact that we will have 40 Kiwi contractors, farmers and dealers let loose in Europe, with only 5 Tulloch staff to manage them - now that is what I call intrepid! 

The Grasslands Field Days held in Stoneleigh Warwickshire in the UK is only run every 3 years and is the biggest grass harvesting display/demonstration in the world; so considering that at least 30% of New Zealand exports are related to grass harvesting in one form or another, it will be hugely beneficial for all travellers. 

Departure 6th May 2005 

We depart on 6th May 2005 and arrive in Copenhagen where we spend two nights, then off to Aarhus - Denmark for a factory visit of Fransgard. 

Then on to the Legoland Hotel and a visit the following day of Legoland. Germany. We then coach to Osnabruck and visit the Rabe factory and on to Rheine and visit Krone factory. Holland - from Rheine we travel to Amsterdam, spending one night there and onward to London where we are let loose for three days. 

We finally meet up on the 17th May in Warwickshire and spend two full days at the Field Days and finally back to London and home. 

We believe the make up of the itinerary will make the trip enjoyable for all including several wives/partners accompanying us and a trip review will be in the next news letter.
Transag Centre

For almost twenty years Merv Avery has been at the helm of Transag Centre Limited in Palmerston North. 

During that time, the firm as one of the region’s largest independent suppliers of agricultural products, has earned a reputation for both quality and reliability. 

The privately owned and operated company has been providing service to the Manawatu region for more than 19 years. The name Transag – an abbreviation of the words transport and agriculture being the company’s two main areas of operation – has become a byword for high standards in delivery. 

Having become a share holder in 1985 of what was formerly known as Domett Tractors, Merv Avery seized the opportunity in 2002 to aquire 100% ownership of Transag Centre.


Part of Merv's Transag Team (L to R): Euan, Bruce, Blair, Denis, Merv, Darren, Chris, Allen, Stem, Lyn and Justin.

As Merv explains the company has become a one-stop shop for machinery parts and repairs. “If you need a tractor, farm machine or if anything on the farm is in need of repair, Transag should be the first port of call.” he said. 

Primarily involved in the tractor industry, Transag is the region’s only Case IH Dealer. It is also a leading farm machinery supplier and is an agent for many leading brands of equipment including Pearson front-end loaders, Kuhn, Farmguard, McIntosh, Hustler, Stoll and Quickie loaders, Berends Implements and Origin Agroup. 

On 25th September 2004, Transag became our official dealer for the Manawatu and will conduct all sales service and parts back up for the full range of equipment imported by Tulloch Farm Machines - Krone, Rabe, Fransgard, Pronovost, Elho, Supreme and Gehl. 

When asked about the rekindled association, Merv says: “We are really proud to be associated with Tulloch and their product lines, particularly Krone, Gehl and Pronovost which are lines we are already familiar with. The quality and reliability are outstanding.” 

As well as up-to-the-minute machinery, the company specialises in motor truck repairs, particularly Nissan diesel vehicles. Transag can also repair or replace parts off older model machinery. With four service vehicles that are fitted-out as “mini workshops”, staff have no hesitation about travelling to jobs as far a field as Wellington to Ohakune. Other areas include Manawatu, Rangitikei, Horowhenua, Wanganui, Waiouru and Dannevirke and the company has recently extended its coverage to include the Wairarapa region. The 8-man team at Transag’s has long-held the philosophy that although anyone can sell anything you have to give the service and the backup to go with it. 

Computer systems set standard 

With computerised systems from fault diagnosis through to parts ordering, Transag sets the standard for speedy turnaround times and high quality work. With direct access to Case IH for checking out parts & service bulletins, and if they don’t stock a part it can be shipped in from Australia in two days. 

Massive Parts database 

With a catalogue of close to 15,000 products, including new tractors and used machinery, Merv Avery is confident that with Transag’s full parts database, if they don’t have it in stock, chances are they can get it. 

Transag continues to grow with a wide range of agricultural equipment to meet the farmers every need and the “needs “ of the farmer and contractor is the motivation behind the growth of the company says Merv “Transag are renowned in the region for providing first class service”, he added. 

Telephone: 06 354 7164
Website: www.transag.co.nz
Email: Transag@xtra.co.nz
EC6210CV in Action

Our last news letter featured a photo showing the first Big M imported into New Zealand, the latest Big M II and the Easy Cut 6210CV trailing mower conditioner. Well the EC6210CV was sold and here is an extract of an article published in the Central Districts Field Days news publication, from the owner Grant Barber. 

“ There are no belts just heavy duty gear boxes and set up is so quick compared to that of a combination unit - literally 5 minutes to hook up and drive off. To change the speed of the heavy duty conditioner is very quick and easy says Grant, which is useful as we often have different requirements because of the number of varieties we grow. Where the real bonus is, is the fact that for a unit that was effectively the same width as my front rear combination, I have had to increase the area meter on the chopper by 15% because of the smaller overlap needed to ensure complete coverage."

Rabe Megaseed

Trials Update 

The trials carried out on two separate dairy farms have been successful for the Rabe MegaSeed. The machine was used to plant grass between the 20th and 27th September 2004 and a final planting on 20th December.


MegaSeed working in south Wairarapa, direct drilling grass into barley stubble

10 paddocks were planted totalling 31.9ha in soils varying from silt, shingle, stone, clay and combinations of. The trial farms offered 6 and 4 paddocks respectively and half of each was irrigated at both sites. All but two paddocks were ploughed. 

Grass was planted at a rate of 28kg/ha. Two of the paddocks had old grass and the rest had kale. Top dressing ranges from 50kg to 65kg; and from one application to an application every 4 weeks depending on the available moisture. 

Most paddocks had been grazed 3 times to date 27th January 2005. Results from Pasture Coach Analysis show above average daily growth compared with adjacent paddocks. 

The net result from the customer view point - talking to Simon at the Cornwall Road Dairy and Damon at the Sommerset Road Dairy is that their operation has not changed at all. 

Grass stand is good and growth is vigorous as expected. They would be more than happy to see the machine back on their farms. From the contractors view point the MegaSeed allows one to cut out an operation and therefore service more customers per day. The eventual time and cost saving benefits are a huge advantage. 

The machine on trial was a folding, 4.5m fitted with mulching discs, track eradicators heavy duty mulch packer roller for consolidation and finally discs with integrated suffolk coulter for seeding. 

The machine has been subsequently loaned to Mike McCreary in South Wairarapa while he waits for his new unit to arrive. Mike has been planting grass into varying conditions with some tremendous results particularly direct drilling into barley, pea and triticale stubble as seen in the photo. 

To date all that has germinated has been very good. He will be planting directly into grass shortly and we will be watching closely.
TFM equipment at Field Days

Northland Field Days 

Run over the 4th and 5th March the weather was dry and very hot for the Northland field days, but this did not deter the public from coming out in huge numbers - in fact a record attendance for the field days. 

Ralph Priddle reports that the business conducted was quite satisfactory and would like to take this opportunity to thank all who took time to visit the Tulloch stand. For those who were not able to attend, a new product from Rabe was on display - a sub soiler called a digger with angled tynes, which created a tremendous amount of interest. 

Central Districts Field Days 

The Central Districts field days at Manfield Park were held from the 17th to 19th March, and again were a success. In spite of the poor location of our site, we were happy with the number of visitors. This will be addressed next year however to ensure we are in a more prominent position. The rain on Friday was annoying but Thursday and Saturday were fine days. 

The National Fieldays at Mystery Creek will be from the 15th to 18th June 2005 and subject to availability we expect to have on display, the following:

Buying the new Krone machinery has paid off, with much lower running costs than before.



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